I can see my external HD in device manager and disk manager, but I can't find it in windows exploers. Help! Thanks

I bought a Buffalo external hard drive years ago. I used it to store my old travel pictures and some documents. However, I haven't used it for a while and I can't access the hard drive now (Windows 7). Please help me.

The model is Buffalo HD-HS500IU2. I downloaded and installed the driver before I connect it. I can see the hard drive in "Device manager" and "Disk Manager", but I can't see it in "Windows Explorer". It showed "Disk 1/Basic/465.76GB/Online/Healthy(Primary Partition)" in "Disk Manager". I tried to connect it to other laptop (other OS: XP), but no help. I still can't see it in windows explorer and can't access.

By the way, I set a password before in the external hard drive. However, the "Secure Lock Ware" wouldn't pop out automatically no matter what. Does anyone know how to fix it?

I guess the hard drive itself still ok, or it wouldn't show "healthy" (Is that correct?) Is it a driver problem? (but I installed the driver from their website already) Is it because it's an encrypted hard drive? Please help me. The data is important to me. I have no idea what to do now. Thank you.
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  1. In disk manager does the drive have a drive letter? can you assign it one?
  2. anonymous1 said:
    In disk manager does the drive have a drive letter? can you assign it one?

    Thank you for your prompt response. I'm not sure about what that meant, but there is no (C:), (E:), (F:)......before "465.76GB Healthy (Primary Partition)". By The way, all the bars above all the disks are blue, no black. When I right click on it(external drive in disk manager). There are only two options: "delete volume" & "help". I'm afraid to click on "delete volume". I clicked on "help". It just popped out a "? Disk Manager" window. Thank you. I hope I can provide more info.
  3. Well, looks like it's 'just fine and dandy' as the old saying goes. Although I have no experience using Secure LockWare™ nor the need, but I would think that if you start that program it may give you options to unlock it - it may also have options to indicate to it that 'the computer' it's in is a 'safe computer.' Although that's just a guess; it shouldn't hurt to try since you won't be modifying anything with the drive.

    I went this way because you can see the drive, etc; but apparently can't access it. Since you said you put a password with it, it probably needs to be 'unlocked on that computer.'
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