Need help deciding on Mouse

Hello guys,

Need your help on deciding on a new mouse.

My Cyborg MMO 7 gave up after just 8 months of use.. I had some z-axis tracking issues every now and then, but over the past few weeks these had become more frequent and new issues started to arise such as the mouse turning off on it's own (and needing replugging), not tracking for a few seconds if I lifted the mouse, etc.

So I've decided to email the company I bought it from, and as they had no stock, they have informed me that they will refund me.

Now my question is, what mouse should I go for?

1. What's your grip style?

- Fingertip grip

2. What's your sensitivity?

- Not sure of the numbers, but I've got it set to high- probably 3200dpi

3. What's your maximum budget?

- No maximum budget

4. Do you want additional buttons?

- Yes (4+ is a must)

5. What games do you play?

- Mostly Action RTS/MOBA (DotA/DotA2 for those who are aware - the originator of League of Legends - so games along those lines) and occasionally some FPS

6. Other relevant information:

- I don't mind if it's wired or wireless; actually I think I might prefer wired.
- I am also using the Razer Scarab as my mousepad.
- I only used the 4 thumb buttons on the MMO 7 (the 5D and thumb button I found quite hard to use because of my grip)

I was very happy with my MMO 7 functionality and comfort wise, so it would still be one of my options IF they have fixed the tracker issues in their new model (MCB437130002/04/1). I used to have the Cyborg CCB437130002/04/1 model.

I am considering the following, but not exclusively: Razer Naga, Razer Naga Hex, Logitech G600, Logitech G700, Mad Catz Cyborg MMO 7.

Thanks alot!
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  1. Razer naga is best from those you are considering. It has lot of buttons, it's made for fingertip style, you can disable all buttons you don't need and it will work perfect. When it comes to quality, durability and design no one is match for Razer, that's a fact.

    Razer mamba would be my choice if you want best that money can buy. It can go wired and wirelless and even wirelles mode provides response time less than 1ms.

    But naga vs mamba is just matter of taste and design, nothing else.

    Razer will never dissapoint you.
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