Internet pages Won't Load!!

Basically, I can't connect to the Internet, it has nothing to do with the router as my sister computer and my iPhone can connect to it, and the computer shows its connected! Without any problems wireless or Ethernet but when I open chrome or IE the page takes 10 minutes to load nothing! And then the Cannot connect to the Internet message appears? The first day it happened it resolved by restarting, the next day it resolved spontaneous 2x in a three hour period, now it's permanently not loading anything!
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  1. So first off would be what version of windows are you running. wireless or wired? Are you getting a valid IP address from the router? Can you ping and get a response? (Windows + R) - type in "CMD" hit enter. "ipconfig" and enter will tell you if you have a valid IP, then try to type in "ping" see if you get a response.
    Are you running any firewall software?
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