Asus IPIBL-LA restart POST with 3 short 1 long beep continuous repeat

I have a HP a6177c with a Asus IPIBL-LA board that I've upgraded over time. Long story short my hard drive became unresponsive and noisy and I got an Error "Err1Err2" I figured it was pretty much gone so I was doing a clean install of Vista onto a 128 Gig SSD. I was getting impatient so I installed a BIOS update, Chipset update, & Video card update without restarting (that's why it's optional right?) Well I restarted and now I get a POST beep squence of 3 short beeps and 1 long beep that repeats in an endless loop.

I've removed all the hardware in various stages and even tried a start up with no memory installed and nothing changes the POST sequence. I'm guessing the BIOS update or the chipset update failed and now my computer is bricked. I've jumped the CMOS and removed the battery overnight resulting in no changes.
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  1. rgd1101 said:

    I've already been here and don't see a solution. What do I do to recover from a BIOS update fail? Some articles have referenced loading the original BIOS via floppy. I have neither the original file nor a floppy drive.
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