AMD radeon HD 6730m (Asus laptop) driver problem

I have this mid-rang GPU card that able to run games smoothly,but my problem is with the drivers,that when ever i try to update the driver from AMD site (auto detect or manually) keep getting this message "your GPU doesn't compatible with AMD drivers" and asks me to downloaded from Asus site which i already did, but their drivers is old,so i updated latest driver from Device manager it's really good and improved my FPS on gaming,so my problem is when i turn down the brightness to 50% the screen goes black the same thing with Dim screen, i got the same problem with the Beta drivers.any solutions.

i used to use the old version driver that came with the laptop,and currently am using the WDDM v1.20 from microsoft.(i have no problem with these drivers).

Is it important to get the latest update?

-Asus laptop
-windows 8 pro 64(i had the same problem with windows 7)
- AMD radeon HD 6730m 2GB.

sorry for my English.

thank you.
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  1. That's because your laptop is branded.. you need ASUS drivers for ASUS laptop.. just like HP, DELL or others.
    So if you have the latest from ASUS then that is it till the next update!
    If you bought this laptop to game then you were mislead..
    Laptops are not for gaming but business/school! they will play games as will servers and workstations play games but with limited graphics capabilities.
    So to the point if you are getting decent frames from the WHQL drivers then don't worry about the version of driver you are using, just be grateful that they work!
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