Low performance in mmorpgs?

Hello, I have i7 920 C0 stepping at 3,5 Ghz, 6gb ddr3 ram and gtx 670 msi PE. In all mmos i have very low fps in crowded zones (cities, pvp etc.) CPu never goes above 80% and gpu above 60% (usually 15-50%). So what the hell is this? In other games I have decent framerate, Crysis 3 on high (40-120)fps at 1920x1080 resolution. So, any advices pls?
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  1. What is your internet connection?

    Your fps is going to be affected by that as well.
  2. crowded zone lag has to do with cpu power and internet connection ping/bandwidth. your cpu should still be able to hang OK. run a speedtest and a pingtest. ( +

    dwnld speed raise whenever I turn off tv settop box...But can my network cause the problem?
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    your internet connection is awful. call your ISP and complain.
  5. It doubles when i switch off tv, but i cant have better internet for now at my village. I will move in next 2 months so I´ll get better provider. What is the major problem? Download speed or ping?
  6. if switching your tv off makes a difference, you most likely have an internal wiring problem. maybe a bad splitter. call your ISP and complain.
  7. Tv takes half of internet speed...
  8. no it doesn't. they work on different wavelengths. something is broken. the ONLY thing that will fix it, is your ISP.
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