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Looking for the best close-loop liquid cooler for an Intel i7-3930, socket 2011. Any suggestions on what will cool the best and work the great overall? Looking at Corsair products. Let me know.
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    That there may be the best closed loop cooler, but I'm not absolutely sure of that.

    From Corsair, I think that the H100i is their current best closed loop water cooler.
  2. Still up in the air trying to decide on a good closed loop cooler for the Intel i-7 3930. What would be the best one to go with from Corsair or Thermaltake or what would be the best fit with great cooling and performance.
  3. Did you look at the benchmarks I linked to? The H100i is at the top of every list. That should tell you something ;)
  4. I have read reviews and benchmarks on a water cooling kit but have heard bad things about the Corsair H100i. Can anyone else shed any light on a good one to go with that will perform well and cool really good? Need some help in deciding which one will be the best to have in my system.
  5. I would like to see the bad things you have heard about the H100i since I have only seen good things myself. I like a good air cooler better anyway. The Noctua D14 or Phanteks TC 14 would be great choices with no chance of malfunction like with any water cooling.
  6. I have heard that the H100i makes a loud humming noise and that it does not cool well. Please correct me if I am wrong. Is a big radiator better to go with compared to a single fan and radiator like the H80 I believe.
  7. The H100i would not be at the top of every benchmark chart if it did not cool well.....

    As to the noise, yes closed loop coolers can be loud. You can replace the fans with better, more silent models ( and spend more money ) but being loud is one of the reasons people like air cooling better. The big air coolers are nearly silent. There are always trade offs and noise is the price you pay or the good performance of a closed loop cooler.
  8. So if you were me you wouldnt go with a closed loop cooling system? I had a closed looped system before and never really had any issues just have been read random reviews and heard some complaints about the H100i here and there. They say the H110 is the best one but I dunno if it would fit my case. Send me a PM if you use an instant messenger program so we can talk further with it if you have time.

  9. The H110 should be a bit more quiet than the H100i due to larger fan size. I have never used a closed loop cooler to be honest. I have used aftermarket air for years and have never had a problem with it.

    The NZXT Kraken Extreme should be something to consider if you plan on going closed loop as well. Here is another benchmark with the H110 and NZXT included.,13.html

    You see how well the Noctua D14 holds up even compared to the best closed loop coolers. I like the big air coolers because if a fan dies it can be replaced and a big hunk of metal will not ever break. I always try to go with the simplest solution.

    There are pros and cons to either way. With a big air cooler you have a giant chunk of metal hanging from your motherboard. Some people don't like that and I guess it could stress the board. Closed loop coolers do very well but can be loud and they have more parts that can fail. They are also expensive and don't cool the motherboard VRMs like an air cooler will and they can be hard to mount depending on your case.

    Many, many people are going with closed loop cooling and are very happy with it. If you are comfortable with it and the pros outweigh the cons for you then go for it.

    I don't have IM on this computer but I have yahoo messenger on my PC and laptop at home. If you still want to chat in a few hours I will be glad to.
  10. Thanks for all the details and feedback on it all. I have been like you traditionally with an Air Cooler for the CPU and I do agree they are heavy and can put pressure on the motherboard. My last cooler was from Corsair and it was closed looped and I never had any problems with it all. I am doing a new build want a newer cooler and want something that will perform well. Would like to speak with you more just PM your Yahoo messenger and I will give you my details and explain what I have going on with my new build.
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