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Hello. Recently installed windows 7.

tried to fix the resolution and at first it worked. then after some more microsoft updates it reverted and now it seems like it's stuck in 1024x768. however when i run everquest i can change the screen resolution in game to 1920x1080.

the monitor is a dell S2209W

Im using onboard graphics of a core i3 dual channel with gigabyte GA-H55M-SV2 MB

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  1. Do you have up to date graphics and display drivers (if necessary)?

    Also, nitpicking, but the integrated graphics for the i3s is not on-board, but on-die because it's built into the CPU die rather than the motherboard.
  2. Can you recommend a program that will scan for drivers i need or should i just do it through device manager?
  3. Lethargica said:
    Can you recommend a program that will scan for drivers i need or should i just do it through device manager?

    You shouldn't need to find drivers - integrated graphics on the Core i3 should be very well supported by Win7 out of the box (well... with Internet access and connectivity to Windows Update). But if you do, yes, just use device manager.

    We may be looking at an issue with your monitor, which may not be correctly describing itself to your system. These days most monitors will communicate their favourite res/colour depth for your graphics hardware to use (in Win7, Win8, this res comes up as 'recommended' in the display res panel, and generally is the highest res in the list). So:

    - can you change resolution manually at the desktop, or only games?
    - what resolutions are listed in the display resolution panel? Only 1024x768? Or loads of strange ones, more than the usual list?
    - does your monitor come up as "Dell S2209W" (or something similar) in the screen res panel?
    - what about device manager (look under 'monitors')?
    - what cable are you using to connect the monitor? HDMI? Have you tried unplugging it and plugging it back in?
  4. My internet will be down for the next few days ill post the answer to those questions when i get back up and online thanks
  5. My internet will go down for the next few days to a week ill post those answers then ty
  6. I better give you that information now.

    Both the intel HD graphics control center and the simple windows desktop screen resolutions are currently on 1920x1080.

    the only thing that can change is if i switch the resolution to any other option in either of those places it switches to 800x600 (i can tell from looking at the screen that thats what the resolustion is actually on.

    In the control center (intel HD graphics system tray. every screen resolution is available. in the desktop right clik settings only 1920x1080 (recommended), 1600x1900, 1280x720, and 800x600 are available.

    both places do list my monitor model.
    in the device manager i chose update driver by searching online. it found something and installed it. after rebooting comp. no change in resolution and they both say there are on 1920x1080. im using a VGA cable i believe. before i posted this i experimented with the buttons on the side of the monitor and thought i discovered the prob. It was set on analog so i changed input source to vga...tried changing resolution and still no change

  7. also..i notice that in the screen resolution section in control palen>display. it says Dell (analog) it also says this in intel graphics control center. when i change the input source physically on the monitor by pushing the buttons on it. the "(analog) disapears..

    tinkering around with updating and disabling and rolling back drivers on the display adaptor and monitor section of the device manager isnt helping.
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