SATA Drive enclosure showing up, Not detecting the actual HDD

I have a Startech SATA 2.5" Drive enclosure, which allows me to use any SATA interface drive to plug in via USB. When I plug the device in, it is detected, however it says that there is no hard drive inside the enclosure. The hard drive is plugged into the SATA interface on the device though. If I go to Disk Management, the device shows up but says there is no disk in it. However, under Device Manager, the actual Toshiba Hard Drive shows up, I cannot do anything to it however. I've been trying every solution for about 2 hours, and I'm really frustrated now. I searched countless forums and threads and nothing has worked, please help!
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  1. When in disk management, are you able to initialize (partition/format/assign drive letter) to the drive? This is what normally needs done on a new drive before it will show up properly in windows.
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