How good is my build?

i3 2120
radeon HD 7850
4 gig
450 psu

good enough to run bioshock infinite and tombraider on ultra???
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  1. What resolution do you want to run them at?
  2. nope. bioshock is a huge comp crusher. you need 8 gb of ram and a 79XX gpu with a 650w psu. thats @ 1080p ultra.
  3. how would you 100% know that? Bioshock doesn't release until tomorrow. You will be able to play tomb raider on ultra, not sure about bioshock yet. Since both games come with the gpu. I would assume it would play on pretty decent settings.
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    I bought the 7850 about a month ago, and already have received tomb raider. i can personally tell you it runs tomb raider on ultra fine.
  5. the sys requirements were released weeks ago for infinite
  6. depends upon resolution you intend to play on
  7. im probably going to play on my 23" monitor 1080
  8. id say low to medium settings...not very much eye candy.
  9. No way in hell, i think ill be able to run it in high-ultra settings. Cmon, i have a goddam 7850 for crying outloud! intel i3 will not bottleneck
  10. hey if you game @ 33fps be my guest.
  11. Hey, i wont be playing those in ultra only the games that came with the video card, which will run fine on ultra. The minimum for Bioshock is a duo core, if i cant play it on ultra with a reasonable FPS, then high should be fine with 30-40 FPS..i will mostly be playing source games and amnesia....i know my pc can run BF3 on atleast high
  12. The 7850 is in the mid range of gaming cards and bioshock. On ultra at 1080p a HD7950 was getting the occasional lag from FPS drops, which means the slower 7850 would do worse. I'd say if you wanted it to be playable with minimal to no lag you'll have to use high settings.
  13. it depends on the resolution you run games!i am not so sure about ultra but i think high or very high settings for tomb rider!but for infitine you may want to run at a lower graphics such high!
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