7.1 channel integrated sound with 5.1 headset

my computer has 7.1 channel sound but my headset is only 5.1 channel are they compatible? my speakers are 2.1. are those compatible as well? may be a stupid question but i really need to know. thanks
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  1. should be fine, just make sure to set it up in the sound card control panel.
  2. very confused...your hphones are 5.1...speakers 2.1 are they compatible????? dont understand
  3. i was aksing if both my headset and speakers were compatible with my integrated soundcard.
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    You connect what you have.

    2.1 sound system = connect to front left right and center (All sound goes on 3 speakers)

    5.1 sound system = connect fornt left right center rear right left (All sound goes on 5 speakers

    7.1... you get the point... set sound output to sound system you have and you are done

    I've got 2.0 on 7.1 card :) it works perfect.
  5. Yes, of course it's backwards compatible!

    7.1 means 7 speakers and a subwoofer - if you have fewer speakers, just leave those plugs blank.
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