How do I get a Ethernet port internet connection in my room?

Hello, so I have been planning to move another PC into my own room which happens to be about 30 feet away from my router. Since I don't want to have Ethernet chords running throughout my house, I was wondering if there is anyway i can add a modem in my room or something to have a place to plug my PC into a Ethernet port. It would also be good if i can have more than one Ethernet port to plug my Xbox in as well. By the way I have At&t internet connected through a DSL to my phone line. Any help with this would be appreciated.
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  1. Only way is either send modem connection through wireless to rouetr in your room or to use something like this

    Then you can put one more router in your room and your problem is solved.
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    Well, you got a few options.

    1. Go wireless (Get a wireless router, connect it to your PC if it has wifi connectivity, if the PC doesn't have a wireless card, get a wifi USB adapter)
    2. Powerline (still wire, but only requires a power hub from your wall)
    I am not sure how #2 works, so here's a link that might help you:

    If you don't want these options above, then connecting your modem to your PC for 30 feets away is probably your only option.
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