Wanting to Dual Monitor. Need abit of help. Thank You.

Hello. I recently bought a sapphire 7870 xt graphic card about a 5days ago and wanting to know how do i dual monitor this? I used to have a gtx 260 and that was a simple dvi to vga but this has 1x dvi and 1x hdmi / 2x mini port?

I have cable what is hdmi but the other side is vga+rca so would that not work for my second monitor? as i dont have rca just vga.

I have tried detecting display with the vga/rca but i dont think that is working. I have downloaded Catalyst etc. If i'm doing something wrong or using the wrong cable...

What HDMI cable do i need? Also if a link can be put of what cable i should buy then please leave below. Thank you.
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  1. get an hdmi 1.4 cable (if ur monitor uses hdmi, a regular cable is great....other wise you need a hdmi on one end and DVI on the other) and you also an dvi cable to use in the dvi port and again the other end has to be either hdmi or dvi depending on what your monitor takes....its the newest and best and will work with your GPU...
  2. Oh sorry.. mis understanding because of my post.. Meant to say My monitor is VGA and graphic card is HDMI atm im trying to use vga+rca for the monitor and hdmi for the gpu but isn't working. So would i need the one without the rca? not sure if it affects my monitor or something. Or might just be faulty cable.
  3. Thanks for reply though
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  5. Okay, Thank you. Hopefully it will work once i get one. When i connect it. Should it just detect my second monitor?
  6. you may have to go into your grpahics settng but it should be easy to enable!
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