Samsung S2 320GB Portable Hard Drive


My drives has stopped being recognized in My Computer, but shows in Devices and Printers on Windows 7.

It appears in Disk Management, as unknown device and pop up box comes up with "Disc Recylic Redundancy Check".

I downloaded ESWin from Samsung website and it is not recognized on that.

I am not worried about data on it, I just want to be able to get it to work, so I can use it again.

Any help is much appreciated.


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  1. Hopefully the steps on this link will help you:
  2. Hi,

    That will not work as the Samsung does not appear in My Computer and does not have a drive letter attached to it.

    The drive appears in Device Manager and in Disk Management. In Disk Management is has Drive No. 0 against it, and says it needs to be initialized.

    When I click ok to do that, it is at this point when I get the Cyclic Redundancy error message.

    Any ideas?


  3. Patrickhfhc48 said:
    I find this article that may help you over the internet:

    Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for your message, but as I mentioned the external hard drive does not show in My Computer, only in Device Manager, My Printers and Devices and Disk Management as not initialized. But it will not initialize as it comes up with this error.

    Hopefully someone may have had the same problem and a miracle answer will appear :)

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