New motherboard. Reinstall windows?

I just replaced my 1155 Asus p8p67EVO board with an 1155 Asrock B75 Pro3-M. My computer boots up but as expected, I can't connect to the internet and all the Asus software that came with the board (AI Suite, Fan Xpert etc.) stop responding; plus I cannot connect to the internet.

To correct this, I boot the Asrock support disc and try to install drivers, but it gets stuck on "Installing INF driver". Furthermore, above the list of drivers to install, it has in italics "Windows XP", but I have Windows 7.

I really don't want to reinstall windows. Is there a way I can migrate this mobo?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Because there are the difference drivers between the different MB, you have to use the startup repair tool repairs Windows. Check the link for how to.
  2. I don't have my windows disk any more :( Are there any other solutions?
  3. Since you don't have the windows install disk, you can install the new mobo and restart windows. Keep in mind that because the the mobos have different chipsets and onboard devices, windows may have issues with loading properly as it recognizes all the new hardware. Technically all you need to do is install the new drivers for the new hardware and windows *should* work okay.

    You can do as cin19 recommended and use the startup repair tool, but even then windows may still have issues.

    My experience has been that windows continues to have issues because of the old and new drivers being installed side by side.

    I would highly recommend re-installing windows with installing the new motherboard. Bite the bullet and buy a new copy of windows.
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