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I got a very old PC on my workplace with these specs:
1700 MHz Intel Celeron
20Gb old HDD
1GB DDR-166 ram
Old ati RV100 32MB AGP video card
Windows XP Sp3 up-to-date

Currently using Kaspersky IS 2012 but my system is really slow I think this is because the IS (not sure tho).
Using Firefox uptodate for browsing and it is also very slow. Youtube videos cannot be played on full screen (14" CRT VGA) only showing black screen and sound.

I'm looking for some recommendations how can I improve the speed of this PC. Is there any lightweight IS application (not just an antivirus because my colleges constanty browsing non-secured phising sites without of their knowing).

Also need some good tips to speed up the whole system (doesn't really care the startup time but browsing the web, working on Office 2007, file-transfering, playing media files.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. it would be a good idea the upgrade the whole computer, but there are some programs that can speed up your OS such as ccleaner and defraggler.

    not being able to play youtube videos might be down to your old graphics card, try updateing the drivers (if any).

    Instead of kaspersky internet security, try No-Script to stop phishing sites downloading stuff to your pc.
  2. IS recomendation is avast antivirus (does not have firewall and stuff, uses couple megs of RAM) it has network shield and it's very very useful.
    Download Spybot next to him and run spybot every month to clean a bit.

    As for playing videos, it's not because of your monitor, it has something with codecs and flash. You need to download latest Flash version and K-Lite codec pack or simillar to work with other media as well.

    Use tune-up utilities to clean your registry, disable all startup items that you do not need.
  3. The easiest and probably best thing you can do is increase your system ram. If you can get 4GB of ram, you'll see a big improvement(check the MB specs for how much ram you can use). After that focus on the video card.
  4. If you only use the PC for browsing and stuff I suggest that you switch to one of those light weight linux distros(e.g puppy linux) and use browser addons for phishing protection.

    Though IMHO you are better off buying a new system.
  5. Microsoft Security Essentials.

    Or download and install xubuntu.
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    Avast antivirus + Malwarebytes (the latter takes up just over 100MB of memory so only use it if you have that much to spare)

    Firefox extensions:
    Adblock plus with: (Use EasyList, FanBoy's list, EasyPrivacy, Antisocial, and Malware Domains blocklists)
    Download Statusbar (the default popup can lag sometimes)

  7. Your recommendation Avast has not only Antivirus but an Internet security suite also:

    Should I use the IS suite or just the Antivirus? Does IS slow much my system?
  8. As far as I know, you have to pay for the IS suite. There's no need to pay, just use the free version. It should suit your needs fine. If you need additional security, another solution is Comodo Internet Security, which is free, and comes along with a top-notch Firewall and Antivirus (and sandbox, if you're interested in actually using sandboxes - personally I don't bother)
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