How to use Laptop DVD Drive on a Desktop PC?

Hey guys!
So, my old Toshiba Satellite R10 laptop broke, so I was thinking of scavenging the parts, but I ran into a problem with the DVD drive, I totally have no idea what kind of connector I need to be able to use this on a desktop. I'll provide the parts no, serial no, and model no. so that i may know what kind of connector is needed.
Parts No. G8CC0001X411
Serial No. 5DAHA150228 TBG-A
Model No. UJDA760

Thanks in advance!!!
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    Some cases will only take a slim dvd drive.
    The sata and power connectors are not the usual desktop attachment.
    The key thing is to use a adapter like this:
    If your new case is not built for a slim drive, you may also need some sort of an adapter to fit it into a standard 5.25" opening.
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