i want to know if i can sell a skyrim mod to bethesda as a dlc

so me and my friend are making a huge mod for skyrim that adds more armors and weapons and quests then dragonborn and skyrim put together and a huge world and i was wondering if it was good inof would we be able to sell it to Bethesda so then can use it as a dlc
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  1. Most likely no.
  2. Not very likely. they have in house people to do DLC and quality control ect. But really why ask here just call them and ask.. or put it up on skyrim nexus ...

  3. well the quality is there im fixing most mesh and texture fails in the game and adding alot of features like that your char can prone
  4. I dont think they will pay you for it. You can always try calling though.
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    Well even if they were interested in selling it, you would not make any money off it. If you look at the EULA for the Creation Kit, any mod created becomes the property of Bethseda - at least in the USA as I'm not clear on exactly how European courts would react to the EULA. Anyway, what the EULA says is:
    If You distribute or otherwise make available New Materials [Mods], You automatically grant to Bethesda Softworks the irrevocable, perpetual, royalty free, sublicensable right and license under all applicable copyrights and intellectual property rights laws to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, perform, display, distribute and otherwise exploit and/or dispose of the New Materials (or any part of the New Materials) in any way Bethesda Softworks, or its respective designee(s), sees fit.

    Which basically says Bethesda reserves the right to use the user-created content in any way it sees fit, including selling it and the creator would have no right to claim royalties.

    The uploading of mods to Steam Workshop is essentially the same, the creator gives up all rights to Steam for the privilege of posting their mod.

    However, you can post your mod to certain web sites and ask for a donation. This site being one - - that permits modders to upload a mod and say they are willing to take donations. The mod page has a small sign stating "Like what this author does? Consider donating money to this user through Pay Pal to help support and encourage them." so the modder is not being paid for the mod, but for the time and effort to create it.
  6. agree. likely you will make no money from the developer but certain fans may donate for your hard work. just be sure to thank your supporters!
  7. ok thanks
  8. Could you by chance put it on both steam and skyrim nexus ( a lot of authors do that) I'm askin because I never got nexus mod manager to work right on my computer and I mainly get my mods from steam. I'm looking forward to you guys mod it sounds like alot of fun
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