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Hi..i am using a apple time capsule as a wireless router in the ground floor of my house. The HP wireless printer is connected to this wireless network. I am able to print from my MBP, Ipad & iphone when i am in the ground floor and connected to the time capsule network. Now comes the 2 issues. The windows 7 desktop PC in the kids room at the first floor of the house is connected directly to the cable from the broadband modem. Incidentally, all rooms have broadband points branched out from the modem provided by the ISP. The 1st problem is that the desktop cannot detect the wireless printer. Now to the 2nd issue. I have installed a aztech wireless router in my bedroom to extend the wireless range. The SSID of both the wireless routers are the same. I am able to connect my MBP and other devices to the first floor wireless network. The only problem is detecting the wireless printer when the MBP or other devices are connected in the first floor network. Any suggestions to resolve this is appreciated.

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  1. the reason is apple is most likely using a different ip scheme than the cable modem. you wont be able to see the printer unless all the networks are the same scheme.

    im not exactly sure how the apple capsule is hooked up. you really need to connect everything from the cable modem and split from there and have that hand out ip addresses for everything. after that you should be able to configure the WAPs to be all on the same network and now will be able to print anywhere in the house
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