A10-5600K APU handles more than i thought

Not really a question, but more of a recommendation

I recently built an A10-5800K pc w 4GB RAM for my son. He really only wanted something to run League of legends.

This cpu/igpu (with no OC) runs LOL flawlessly on high settings. So i decided to see what else it runs. It runs SWTOR and WOW and i am getting decent FPS.

So if you are on a tight budget, The A10 and its integrated GPU may be worth looking into.
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  1. APUs should be good enough for MOST users.

    The thing that gets me thinking is that over the next few generations, APU's will be closing the gap between mainstream and performance cpu's. IF the CPU catches up (may not be too relevant assuming HSA is implemented on both software and hardware), and they figure out a way to be able to use the GPU cores in an APU (via crossfire) with ANY GPU from a given generation (from the lowest to the highest 9650-9970) compared to cross firing only equals (by basically adding more usable gpu cores. I believe then there will be a big market for it.

    for example: 8 core APU (excavator) which can be crossfire with a 9970 GPU (i'm assuming for instance 512 cores from the APU being utilized with 4000 cores on the GPU with a total of 4512 cores being used efficiently).

    I know I'm dreaming here, but I think it may be possible with the "GPU context switching", etc being implemented in the Excavator series.

    While Kaveri will be full HSA, it won't be able to fully utilize it while pairing it with a GPU. At least that what I gather.
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