Sapphire Radeon HD 6870 Screen tearing/splitting problem

So, I bought myself a Sapphire Radeon HD 6870 in September 2012 for my PC cause console gaming was getting old to me. I bought the card form Newegg as well.

Games affected: Skyrim, Battlefield 3, Medal of Honor Warfighter, Black ops 2 and many more.

So heres my problem. Ever since I bought this card and installed it, from the beginning I was having issues. I would always have screen tearing/splitting, getting black screens, etc. Then, one day it just started magically working after numerous reinstalls, driver sweeping, etc... and it worked for 4-5 months. But now, in March 2013, it has started all over again! It happened after I upgraded my drivers to Version 13.1. I tried everything I possibly could think of to fix the issues again, but with no luck. So, after hours of trial and failure after failure, I just said to hell with it and reset my PC to factory settings thinking that would be the fix. BUT NOOOOOO! Ive re installed all my programs and such, making my drivers #1 priority to install to make sure no other files could corrupt it. Then, once all my games were downloaded again, I did some testing. Once again, Battlefield 3 had screen tearing/splitting. Even with V-Sync and Triple buffering! And whats even worse is I have to restart my PC every time! And now Im stuck. Ive got nowhere to go, no direction. I really need help with this and I cant RMA it anymore either.

I really need a solution before I throw it out the window. ANY help is appreciated!!!!

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  1. Oh and some PC specs:
    -Intel Core i3 550 @ 3.2Ghz
    -Radeon HD 6870 1GB DDR5 (Sapphire)
    -4GB RAM
    -My PC is all stock besides the GPU. (Dell Inspiron 580)
    -Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
  2. You've mucked about so much with the software that it might be time to just format the hard drive and make a clean Windows install.
  3. Which is what Ive done. Ive already reset my PC to factoy settings. Yesterday.
  4. Resetting to factory settings doesn't make a clean Windows install, it installs from an image.
  5. Well, since the PC came with an OEM version of Windows 7, and I wasnt given any restore disks, I dont know how to go about doing that.
  6. I was just playing Saints Row 3, and it did it again. Black lines horizontally across the screen. Great. Time for yet another restart! I think the only game that I can play is minecraft :(
  7. MrWabbit said:
    Well, since the PC came with an OEM version of Windows 7, and I wasnt given any restore disks, I dont know how to go about doing that.

    Well, it is possible to download and burn a Windows disk.

    On the other hand, you might also want to check the actual card in another system. It might be overloading the power supply or something.
  8. My PSU is a CoolerMaster 80+ bronze 750W, I think thats plenty. Plus, I dont have another system.
  9. If it's a Cooler Master GX 750W, then it's more of a low-quality 600W power supply with a fake wattage rating. But it should still handle your system alright unless a capacitor or two has died inside.
  10. No, its pretty new, got it just a few weeks before the GPU. So what shall I do now?
  11. I'm a bit stumped. The easiest way to troubleshoot would be to have a second system and swap parts into that to see if they work. But that's not an option, so I don't know... maybe RMA the card, but they might just find that it works fine on their end.
  12. I cant RMA anymore, its too late. Maybe a factory warranty return or something like that? If not that, what Mid-range cpu would you recommend besides this if I were to get another?
  13. I mean GPU :P
  14. Maybe the new Geforce GTX 650 Ti Boost? Or a Radeon HD 7850.
  15. What manufacturer do you recommend?
  16. Buying new GPU is pointless. These problems may be caused by faulty PSU, Motherboard or even RAM - You won't know that until You will check each part separately. What You can do is running a MemTest+ to exclude memory problems.

    Than I would go for checking PSU voltage on +12v line with multimeter.
    And finally I would take the card out, find ANYONE who has a computer and try it there. If the problem persists - GPU probably died.
  17. My PSU is fine, 750W of fine in fact. Maybe I need to do some BIOS updates, or windows updates. However, before I factory reset my PC, I noticed that after I installed the GPU, EVERY windows update would fail, important or not. That may have been the problem, and Im going to be installing my drivers here quite soon and some games to test it out. After I make sure EVERYTHING is updated first though. Wish me luck!
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