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Visiontek 7850 oc version or Gigabyte GTX 660 (NON-TI) oc version?

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a b U Graphics card
March 26, 2013 8:17:15 PM

Just wondering which graphics card I should get. nvidia is enticing with their advanced physx and their geforce experience, but amd is pretty good too seeing as they are giving bioshock infinite and tomb raider with it. Just wanted to know other peoples opinions. Also if you think you found a better deal then please feel free to tell me. My max budget is simply 200 it is okay if it's like 3 bucks over like the Gigabyte card. (not including shipping).
Computer Specs:

Processor: AMD FX-4100

Grpahics Card (current): 77750 1GB PowerColor

Powersupply:Rosewill Green Series RG630-S12 630W Continuous @40°C,80 PLUS BRONZE Certified, Single 12V Rail, Active PFC

Visiontek 7850:

Gigabyte GTX 660 (NON-TI):

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a c 113 U Graphics card
March 26, 2013 8:46:23 PM

Visiontek's cooler is a junk reference cooler, so it's prettty much out if you care at all about thermals and acoustics, especially if you overclock.

That 660 isn't bad considering the price, but it's not much faster than the GTX 650 Ti Boost which is coming out soon and has a MRSP of a mere $170 for a 2GB model and $150 for a 1GB model. The 7850 is on-par with this new 650 Ti Boost and is a little more expensive, but is more power efficient and comes with a lot of money in free games, making it technically a better value anyway, especially when you get good rebates and sales. We don't yet know how rebates and such will affect GTC 650 Ti Boost pricing.

Have a look at this Radeon 7870. It's priced excellently after rebate and is faster than the GTX 660 on average.

If you don't care for MIRs, then I recommend this Radeon 7850:

Unfortunately for the Nvidia option, it's $150 in-game coupon is really a lot less voluble to most people than AMD's $140 free games package of the latest Bioshock and the latest Tombraider. Ignoring that, it's a good deal, but considering that, it really isn't as good of a value.
a c 187 U Graphics card
March 26, 2013 8:50:53 PM

The 660 is faster then a 7850 i recommend you get it.If not then get a 7870 as it's faster then both you are considering.

Best solution

a b U Graphics card
March 26, 2013 9:25:47 PM

I purchased the MSI 7870 Blaz recommended as an alternative yesterday. I feel any 7870 in the $220-or-less range offers more bang for the buck than any 7850 or GTX660 available, especially with AMD's better game bundle. If you care to account for rebates, that MSI card comes with a $25 rebate, making the final price $195 after rebate. Again, things like that further increase the performance/dollar value. (Edit: It comes with free copy of 3DMark Advanced Edition, also.)

If your budget is limited to roughly $200, then I'd say a 660 is the way to go. But, you were wise to seek out a 2GB 7850 instead of a 1GB model. The price difference is minimal, but the performance difference (especially with Anti-Aliasing enabled) is not.

We don't know what parts comprise the rest of your system, though. One key thing to keep in mind when choosing a video card is whether or not the Power Supply will support it. You'd be wise to check the available PCIE power cabling, as well as the 12V amperage rating before making a final decision.