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Windows 8 Installed Twice on Two Partitions?

I just installed Windows 8 (full version OEM) on a hard drive that I cleaned off, meaning I deleted both partitions that were for Windows XP and then let Win8 setup repartition. I set up a 160GB partition for Win8, and 124GB was left over for data. I opted to set up Windows 8 on the 160GB partition, drive C.

During the setup, things seemed to be taking way too long as I sat looking at a spinner graphic for probably 8-9 minutes with almost no hard drive activity. So I restarted, thinking something had frozen. I got a message saying the computer restarted unexpectedly, so I had to start over with the installation. The second time, I just continued waiting and finally things got rolling. Then, on the final reboot after installation, Windows 8 now seems to think there are two different installations to run, so I have to pick one from a boot menu. I don't want this. I only want ONE installation of Windows.

After the installation was complete and I finally got into Windows 8, I noticed that the data partition (D:) also had a few directories:

Program Files
Program Files (x86)

Those are all directories that also exist on drive C and the subfolders are the same. I'm wondering if it would be safe to delete the stuff on Drive D since I had expected it to be empty. Any ideas? Or is there some way to delete the second installation since I only want one installation?
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  1. I think for simplicity and for all the time it would take I would start afresh, remove all partitions and re-install. It doesn't normally take long, in fact the quickest OS I've installed yet! Something must have gone wrong with your 1st attempt...
    You can easily add another partition later...
  2. Well, I managed to get rid of the boot menu reference to the extra installation without re-installing Windows 8. That seemed like an unusual method for something as simple as removing a boot menu entry. I did something through Control Panel with computer management, if I recall correctly. I migrated from Windows XP and I can't be much more specific about my method. I'm not sure what to do about marking this question as answered.
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    My recommendation was based on the fact that you had problems with the installation in the 1st place, didn't want you to progress only to find that that the OS was corrupt.(Plus it usually takes me less than 1/2 hour to install 8!) Of course with hindsight it's easy to list the steps to take to remove a boot entry in Win 8. Simply type msconfig on the Start Screen and choose the App. On the Boot tab select the unwanted OS and click 'delete'.
    On re-reading your original post it seems likely that you did, indeed, install two versions of 8 on two partitions. i.e. you inadvertently interrupted the 1st install before it completed and then initiated the 2nd.
    Meanwhile good to see you're up-and-running, presumably you are operating from drive C so it should be ok to clear drive D.
    Best check in File Explorer which partition you're operating from, suspect it might be the smaller 124Gig one as that install was likely to be the 2nd, successful one...
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