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HI! I think my cooler has got old(10 years)! It is really old. But I'm getting a new PC in 2-3 months. Until then I would like to know which cooler would be better than the stock one which would be really really cheap. Like say under INR. 500 OR $9-10?While playing games my PC hangs and I have to restart it.I think it's because of over temperature!
I'm using XP.Aslo one thing,I've got an INTEL D8454GVSR motherboard.
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  1. Any money you spend on that will really be wasted. It's so old I can't even tell if it's Socket 478 or LGA 775. It has an Intel 865 chipset and they were available with both. If you can go to a PC shop they may very well have an old stock cooler that would fit laying around for cheap or even for free. You will need to know your socket type though.

    Socket 478 look like this:

    LGA 775 looks like this:

    You can also try cleaning off the cooler you have with a can of compressed air. That will be the cheapest, easiest option. If you do get another cooler don't forget you will need new thermal paste as well.
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    you dont need a new cooler, just get some new thermal paste for your curent heatsink (clean off the old stuff before you apply the new, there are tutorials on it if you google it), clean all the dust out of the heatsink and fan, and you will be back to a cool cpu. Chances are the odd hangs are from, old capacitors bulging/leaking, very common in motherboards and PSU's from that era. If the cpu overheats normally the pc just shuts down. Open the case and check the capacitors on the motherboard, if they are bulging or leaking stuff out the top then your motherboard is stuffed, unless yu have the soldering skills to solder new capacitors on.
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