The temperatures of i5 3470 + CM 212 evo. Are these acceptable?

Hey guys, I posted my question a couple of days ago to ask whether I should get an aftermarket cooler for i5 3470 (non OC). So I ended up with CM 212 Evo. I would like to ask if my temperatures now in acceptable range with Evo installed. I attached the screenshot of the HWiNFO after I ran In-place large FFTs (Prime 95) for 15 minutes. I reset the readings once the test too place so the min temps were not in idle state. The ambient temp (according to my watch) is 31C. I'm not sure if this accurate though. I normally get around 79C-82C using the same test with stock cooler before. I only use a single exhaust case fan and Evo came with only one fan. The thermal paste is applied using the pea method. Thanks in advance.

The screenshot
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    @ 31c It's normal. ;)
  2. If you stress test it and your CPU stays under 70C...Yeah!
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