AMD 7790 vs AMD 7850 vs GTX 650TI (Low Budget GFX)


Have asked around and these cards are fitting my budget.







I have been told on this community to go with the 7850 Option, but I like the idea of extra cooling?

Or is the 7850 core ok with just 1 fan?

Will be purchasing in the near future. I play normally at 1280x720 res.

Mainly for Rome 2 TW. I suppose I could wait till prices drop a little?


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  1. The 7850 2GB is the best option, brings good performance at even high resolutions and the extra gigabyte of memory allows you to crank up Anti-Aliasing and details without running out of memory and getting large drops in frame rate like I used to get with Battlefield 3 and Skyrim on my old GTX 560 1GB (used to run out of VRAM).
  2. Tom's just ran the article but it sounds like the GTX 650 Ti Boost is the better option now over the 7850. Especially if you're running 1080 resolutions or lower.,3463.html
  3. Im really just looking at these specific cards, the Ti Boost in UK is around £140, i didn't really want to spend more than £120
  4. The GTX 650 Ti 1 GB (non boost variant) is supposed to drop to $130 in the US due to the Boost's release. Otherwise, in the AMD camp you'd be looking at a HD 7770. That will be around $130 too. The 650 Ti 1 GB will beat the 7770 though.
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