external hdd problem

hi all. i cant possibly find an solution to my problem on google etc.

i reinstalled a friends comp. saved his data on my external hdd, after reinstalling put his data back to his comp. and there wuz a virus called z-bot or smth. afterwards, i tried to connect my external to 3 different computers, and it doesnt show in my comp of ir disc management... the red led indicator on my hdd case lights,as if its working, but i cant acces my external, where i have all my stuff...

really, how can i acces that ext hdd ?

please please help me.....
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  1. 1) hook your external to usb on computer.
    2) download Kasperky Rescue cd
    3) burn the iso to a cd and boot from the cd not your computer.
    4) scan all drives and follow the instructions.
    5) shutdown after done reboot and drive should show up.
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