Razer Electra vs. Carcharias vs. Kraken Pro

Hey all!

I've finally decided to buy a headset, as the quality of my laptop built-in mic is really horrible, people say I sound like a robot on TS!

I've been looking around and I've narrowed it down to 3, Razer Carcharias, Electra or Kraken Pro. I've been watching some reviews and they all seem to be quite good, I can't really decide which one I like the most! So I hope you'll help me decide :)

I'm only going to use it couple of hours per night, when raiding, what I'm asking you guys is how you would rate:

-Mic Quality
-Sound Quality

Thanks in advance!

P.S. There probably are better headsets out there, but I like these ones, I'm not interested in other options as that would make it even more difficult to decide! (and yes, you could call me a Razer fangirl, but I don't really care :P)
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  1. as someone who had the Carcharis i can honestly say it's not bad for the price unless you factor in the mic. unshielded wires in the in-line volume control means you'll get bleed over quite often, something numerous friends pointed out during gaming sessions. Beyond that it's great, comfortable, fairly light for it's size, great sound quality, and it still works even after the hell i put it through though I've since retired it to being a backup in case my Logitech ever dies.

    As i vowed to never buy another razor product after my troubles with that and my naga i cant comment on the others.
  2. I had the Carcharis it was good for a while but the mic is a bit quiet, but the sound is amazing. Get the Carcharis if you don't mind about the mic but love the sound.
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