My PC can't find hdd but it shows up in bios, need help please!!!

I'm having a problem with my hdd not been read by my computer. I installed a copy of windows 7 on Saturday night. Turned it off and never turned it back on till Monday. When I put it back on it was saying about a boot something or other. Iv tried everything, my hdd shows up on the bios but wont boot, when I put in the win7 DVD it boots to setup and the hdd is not showing up, iv checked and changed all the wires and also thought my hdd may have been fried. I put another hdd in and same problem, I also checked the orignal hdd on another pc and it works fine. Iv also tried changing all the settings in bios and still nothing, Can anyone help??? Iv tried everything for the past two days and still stuck. thanks

Motherboard:gigabyte z77-d3h-MVP
CPU: i5 3750
Memory: microcenter 8gb
Hdd: 1tb seagate barracuda 7200.12
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  1. your master boot record (MBR) may have been corrupted...if you have another computer you could try booting it up with your drive attached to see if it shows up in windows....if not and like you said you can get win 7 install to see it you may be out a hard drive.

    one thing make sure your bios doesn't have raid set may also consider resetting your bios completely to defaults and see if that makes a difference.
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