Computer shutdown and high fan speeds when playing games after overclock?

Hey guys,
so i recently upgraded to an i5 2500k, asus p8z68v-lx mobo, with an evo hyper 212 fan. I also have 8gb corsair venegance 1600mhz ram, an ocz 750 watt psu and an evga gtx 660sc.
Since overclocking to a mere 4ghz, which is below the capability of my system, i keep getting odd shutdowns when playing games. My computer stays switched on but the cpu fan runs incredibly loudly and quickly and makes the computer unusable so the only thing i can do is shut it down via the button. Also some games like warthunder and bf3 keep crashing. My temps are low, maxes of 50-60 degrees when playing games like bf3 on ultra and i have passed all intel burn tests etc. Does anyone have an idea what could be causing this? thanks.
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  1. What are your VRM temps? Something other than the CPU may be overheating.
  2. Intel burn tests... try Prime95 and run that for a couple hours and see if it crashes. It could also be you graphics card or a faulty power supply.
  3. Hey guys, yeah i ran prime95 aswell, its been running stable for a few days and i've had the other parts for a while and they've all been fine, had it up for a week and this problem has only been occuring for the past two days, also how would i check those temps onus, i cant see it on cpuid hardware monitor :/
  4. Download something like MSI Afterburner and then once it's installed just open it and there are temps on the right. You should stress test it too just to see if it's stable. Sometimes it works fine on one system but as soon as you switch it to another it just fails.
  5. Yeah its weird already had msi, all of my temps on each thing are fine. However, one of the things that happens is that it says my drivers have failed for my gpu, now i've seen this is related to an unstable overclock, so could it just be that my voltage etc. wasn't correct. I'm good with pc's but i'm no wizard and this is my first overclock so i could have made an error somewhere :\?
  6. What did you overclock? Best thing to do now is to revert back to normal settings. Overclock CPU or GPU first, test for stability then overclock the other thing. Did you try re installing the latest Nvidia drivers?
  7. Hey, i just overclocked the cpu and it seemed fine, just ran msi when playing battlefield back at default cpu clock speeds and it crashed again, however there's a correlation of when it crashes. It's fine when the gpu is running at up to 100% load but as soon as it exceeds it, it crashes. It got to 114% and then crashed and did the weird fan thing. Its never chosen to run over 100% before so why is it now?
  8. That card may not be stable at its factory OC. Back it down some and retest. How old is it? It might be eligible for RMA.
  9. how do i bring it down though :/ i've made no changes? it's only like 4 months old and therefore under warranty.
  10. If you already did any kind of OCing on the graphics card the warranty is automatically voided. Right now I think it's more of a graphics card problem than anything else. Try cleaning it out first by blowing some dust on it. I never under clocked a card so I am unfamiliar with this, sorry.
  11. Yeah i've never oc'd it so it should be fine to send back :\
  12. I have had issues with EVGA factory overclocked cards....20 support calls and 5 RMAs over 18 months to no avail. They finally gave me a non factory over clocked next gen card. They kept saying it was the other components but the same system had no problem running two 560 Tis at 25% OC's.

    One of the oft overlooked issue with overclocking is voltage stability. I wonder if the extra cpu voltage is wreaking havoc with your MoBo or PSU voltage stability. When voltage is bouncing around, your components can experience issues trying to compensate.

    I'd download OCCT and run the CPU and GPU tests monitoring both temp and voltages as you go.

    I'd also uninstall your GFX drivers and reinstall the ones that came out yesterday
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