CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED need help please

i was on my laptop i tried installing a program but antivirus found an error and it healed them. i stopped the installation and didn't try again but soon after i starting getting notifications through my anti virus that it detected new viruses and it would always heal them ( happened every around 2 minutes or so). i got tired of this so i emptied my recycling bin, and as soon as the virus were healed again i restarted my computer.

now what happens tho is, when it restarts it goes on the blue screen error giving me the critical process died it will reboot after it completes the scan and after it shows 100% complete it doesn't restart and just stays on that screen. i tried turning it on to restore screen(holding the power on for 5 seconds) which asks me if i wanna restore the computer to a previous state and if i click yes it just freezes on the win 8 logo screen.

is there anything i can do or is that it for my computer? the win 8 come pre installed and i didn't change no graphic card or anything.

any help would be great thanks
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