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Hello internet,
I'm building my new PC and i need a bit of a help. I have decided on every component except graphics card.
I have it narrowed out to a Sapphire 7870 XT but i'm not sure of it's overclocking abilities on stock voltage and stock cooling unit.
Any thoughts, experiences or info regarding max GPU and Memory Clocks?
Thanks a bunch!
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  1. Every chip has different overclocking. Some may go to 1110/1400 on stock voltage while others might not be able to overclock at all. The stock cooling unit should be good though.
  2. Well, thanks for the info realchaos. I was hoping for more input from the community but what can you do.
    On my own i managed to overclock my Sapphire 7870 XT card quite a bit. My max stable GPU clocks are at 1165 Mhz under 99% load (at 78*C) with "Power control settings" at 15%. It is also stable at 1190Mhz but my temps hit the 80-82*C threshold which im not to comfortable with.
    Memory however is a different story all together. I managed to reach 1600 Mhz stable and that was it. I ended up leaving it on 1550 Mhz.
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