Windows XP and 7 dual boot using 2 HDDs and 1 SSD

I am going to build a new rig soon, but I want to to have a dual boot with Windows XP and Windows 7. I know this a common thing, but here is what is different about what I want to do: I want to install Windows XP to a SATA hard drive (which I already know how to do), and for Windows 7 I want to install the OS to the SSD and have my data saved to a hard drive. What is the best way to go about this? Do I install Windows XP first and then afterwards attach the SSD and HDD that I want to use with Windows 7 and proceed installing 7 to those? In the end, the goal is for Windows XP to have its own HDD and for Windows 7 to have its own SSD and HDD. Any help would be great. Thank you
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    Does not matter which is instaled first in the method I use. I state method for Doing XP first.
    1) disconnect all drives except the HDD that you want to install XP on.
    2) Install XP, drivers and programs, verify that it works OK.
    3) Disconnect XP HDD and connect SSD
    4) Install Windows 7 On SSD, drivers and programs.
    5) power down and connect all drives.
    6) Power on, go to bios and select the Drive (OS) that you will use most often.

    When You want to use the Other OS, simply hit the Hot key during post that brings up a boot menu. For my Gigabyte MB it is F12 and Onmy Asrock MB it is F11. THIS DOES NOT change the boot priority in BIOS.

    If Boot priority is set to say Win 7, Unless you hit the Hot key it will auto boot to Win 7 (= Dive C). Your XP (dive D) and Storage HDD (Drive E) will be visible to Windows 7. If you hit the HOT key and select win XP disk the computer will boot to XP and P will now be drive C - Win 7 = Drive D and storage HDD = Drive E. If you reboot the System will revert back to Win 7 UNLess you again hit the Hot key and select XP.

    Beauty of this method is NO SOFTWARE bootmenu that can screw-up bot drives.
  2. Above method basically means that each OS has a separate boot loader. This is good for dual-booting XP and 7 because their boot loaders are different and can mess with each other if not installed properly.
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