build 7601 this copy of windows is not genuine????

build 7601 this copy of windows is not genuine showed up in bottom right hand corner....chkdsk found no errors, sfc /scannow found no errors....Malware bytes found no errors (updated prior to running), TDSSKiller found nothing...don't seem to be having any problems from this being there, just not sure why it's there and how to get rid of it. I did install a usb-serial driver, then uninstalled it, which is probly why it showed up, but need info on where to go (in windows and/or registry) to fix this.....thanks,
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  1. Go to the system control panel and under windows activation near the bottom middle click to enter your key.
  2. Is this a previously (legally) activated installation of Windows?
  3. Yes, it's legal, it came preloaded on a dell and was activated...I'll try entering the key, but why did this message appear, and how can I kill the thing that made it appear
  4. Understood, I have personally seen this on 2 of my systems. Running Windows Update "fixed" both instances (one was definitely an issue with Microsoft Security Essentials, in my case). You can also check this link:
  5. My guess is that it was installed as an image at the depot and then the key was activated. Windows 7 is able to detect that the install was from an image and is attempting to get you to authenticate so that you can't install an image over several computers with identical hardware. I work in a facility installing windows from a backed up image and this happens fairly frequently.... mind you this is only a theory, as Microsoft has not confirmed this issue that I know of. I have seen several of our computers that are authentic lose their activation status and we are forced to re-activate them even though they were correctly activated in the past. It's understandable, Microsoft has lost million$ due to things like this in the past.

  6. I ran the udate, and had 6 udates fail.....not sure if any were of major importance (silverlight for example), but still want to iron this 'system' there is no place to change or enter the product key...??

    got a screen shot of system page, but can't paste here....??
  7. I have been using this machine for around a year or so. Yesterday I installed some drivers for a usb-serial cable that I never used, then uninstalled minutes later...figure that's where it started...
  8. markrheuer said:
    Yes, it's legal, it came preloaded on a dell and was activated...I'll try entering the key, but why did this message appear, and how can I kill the thing that made it appear

    Is this the same computer that Windows came installed on or have you transferred it to a different machine? Also have you done any upgrades to the hardware recently?
  9. Yes, it's the same Windows 7 Pro that came with hardware upgrades, just the aforementioned driver that I uninstalled...
  10. Use CCleaner to clean all temp files, cookies, etc. Restart the system. Attempt to run Windows Update again.
  11. That cleared it! Updates still won't all install, but message is gone..THANKS!!
  12. WOO HOO! Some progress!!!

    What Windows Update error are you getting now?
  13. sent you a private message
  14. I had the same problem and fixed it. My copy is genuine and activated, worked for about a year, then I got the Windows 7 build 7601 "this copy of Windows is not Genuine" error in the bottom right hand of the screen - just after a major Windows update by the way. Couldn't find the product activation key.

    So, I started the Product Activation Wizard, by following these steps:
    Click Start
    Right-click Computer.
    Select Properties.
    Then at the bottom of the window, you'll see if it is activated and what the product ID is. I printed the page out for reference, and used 'print screen' and saved it to Word as well. Then I exited that, all ready to pohone Microsoft and re-activate it, and found that the "This copy of Windows is not Genuine" notice had disappeared.
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