Questions About Building a PC, and Hardware Problems

This is a thread about anyone who is looking for answers, or wants to ask questions about building a PC, or mught be having any hardware issues that someone else might be able to resolve. It can be about anything; Software, Hardware, etc., or is can be about any hardware issues you have, or the construction of PCs, and how to build one.
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  1. Isn't that the general purpose of these forums?
  2. The point of a forum is so each issue has its own thread for resolving each individual issue for better organization. No one will post their issue in this thread because if they are searching for a solution this doesn't have it. In the case their search is unsuccessful, they make their own thread. So threads like these are just spam and get locked.
  3. Really sorry about that guys, I got completely confuses as it was my first time doing anything like that on this forum. Apologies :(
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