Will these systems keep up with next gen consoles?

I´m torn between saving money for the PS4 or a new gaming rig. I play a lot of games and I game everyday for several hours. My current rig is really showing its age (I have an ati radeon 5570 and a intel core I7 860).
The rigs that have catched my eye are these ones: (The site is in swedish, but that shouldn´t be a problem since the specs still have the same name)

http://www.webhallen.com/se-sv/hardvara/165778-webhallen_config_d12-0402-i7-3770k-16gb-120gb_ssd__1tb-gtx_670-dvd-win8 This one costs about 2000USD

This one costs 1531USD

This one goes for 2374USD

And, finally http://www.webhallen.com/se-sv/hardvara/165786-webhallen_config_d12-0404-i7-3770k-16gb-240gb_ssd__3tb-gtx_690-blu-ray-win8
This one is quite pricey, it´s 3371USD

So, what are your thoughts? The PS4 or one of these? And if these pcs would be alot better than the PS4, which one should I get?

I don´t really have a set budget, but I don´t want to go higher than neccesary.
As I said at the start, I game alot and this is a pretty tough decision since if these rigs will be matched or even close to similar to the PS4, I´d just get the PS4 since it won´t be as pricey as these rigs. I play alot of games, mostly Call of Duty,League of Legends, Battlefield series,World of Warcraft and Counter Strike 1.6.

Sorry for the extremely long post and thanks for reading! Would love to hear your input on the matter.
Thanks in advance!
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  1. Well from the list of games you put out I would recommend a PC over a console. FPS's are a lot more painful to play on a console then PC. Nothing beats a keyboard/mouse when it comes to playing an FPS. Not to mention LoL and WoW simply don't exist for console either.

    To directly answer your question the new consoles will probably match a mid range PC for the next few years. Here's why I say that: Consoles don't have the extra overhead that PC's have to run them. Their OS and software is a lot leaner and the hardware is engineered especially for them. However, console hardware quickly lags behind PC hardware since you cannot upgrade much on console, except maybe hard drive capacity. At the same-time as consoles age the developers gain more experience with coding games for them and learn to get more use out of the hardware. When you get into the higher end PCs they do blow past consoles. For example, you can't console game on a 1920 x 1440 screen or 2560 x 1600 screen. You have a lot more potential with a PC and customization.

    I personally prefer PC gaming, and find it a lot more fun to build my own rig and game on that then purchasing a pre-made console. My advice is; look at what games you prefer playing the most. Then which median supports those games the best.

    I hope that helps and good luck!
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