Iomega freezes up my computer

I have a Iomega Prestige external hard drive that keeps freezing up my computer and I can't open up the files. Like and idiot I didn't back anything up and now I can't get to my pictures and music files. When I plug it in Windows pops up with a message that recommends I try to scan the disk and fix problems because there might be a corrupt file to improperly removing the device. When I try this the scan always stops on one file and won't go any farther.
Any suggestions? The iomega website is no help because I think they want you to send the device to them and pay them to recover your files.
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  1. Sounds awfully a lot like your external drive is dead, unfortunately.

    External drives takes a beating both mechanically and thermally (drops and poor ventilation), so failures are very common. Take them for what they are, and use them to transport files, NEVER for primary storage!!

    As for your situation, you can take the drive to a recovery place, BUT, they might charge quite a bit depending on the labour it takes to recover the files (if at all possible).

    You can try opening up the enclosure yourself (or have someone else do that) and hooking up the internal drive (out of the casing) directly to a computer to see if that enables you to access some files.
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