Thoughts on my PSU

Just brought this couple of days ago,

From Dino PC

Amd FX6100
Fractual Design 3000
4gb Corsair Vengeance
Will purchase a amd 7850 or something similar soon.

Just wondered if anyone knows anything about my psu,
Corsair VS550W

Obvoisly the system is on a budget but I know the psu is important but now realise that ive probably skimped on it and its arriving in a couple of days.
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More about thoughts psu

    here is a link to another thread about the same PSU.
  2. Corsair is a good brand, although the VS series do have a bad rep. Mainly because the are a low-end. If you are not doing any serious overclocking, or xfire. You should be ok. however if you are really worried about it you could RMA it. and get something from corsair cx series. They are usally pretty affordable.
  3. Thanks guys.

    Should be ok I think, not going to oc cpu but might do gpu a bit when i get it.
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