What PSU should I get?

I'm looking to buy a psu for my new build and I'm wondering which I should get.
My spec's so far:
Cit fortress USB 3.0 (bought already)
Asus P8B75-M LX Motherboard (bought already)
Intel i5-3570K CPU (bought already)
Ram 8gb
Ssd drive for OS and a hdd for later
Radeon hd7850 2gb graphic card.
Please help?
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  1. If you are planning on upgrading the gpu in the future get this:

    otherwise the 500w version can be had for less.


    Also I recommend getting the 7870 ghz over the 7850 2gb because its only $10 more (on newegg)
  2. I should say I'm building it for gaming purposes on ultra/high settings will a 600w be powerful, I was thinking 850w but don't know if it would fit in the case.
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  4. The great thing about standards is - ATX psus will fit in an atx cases - just meant to work. You need to decide if you want to OC your cpu/gpu(s) and if SLI/crossfire is a possibility. XFX 550 non sli - XFX 750 for sli,.
  5. I don't think I will OC and I might crossfire later down the line
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