Nvidia Graphics Gtx 660 vs. 660 ti vs. 670

Hello, I am building a new rig specifically for gaming and I was wondering if the Nvidia Geforce GTX 660 is good enough to play games like BF3 on high settings on a 1080p monitor? Or should I upgrade to a 660 Ti? Or maybe a 670? I would like the price to be around $200-$300 as well
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    The GTX 660 should do what you want and then some IMO. I wouldn't worry about going to a higher model if you only want to play BF3 on high. It's an intensive game, but it's not so bad that a GTX 660 can't handle it even on Ultra.
  2. Get a 660Ti Boost Edition
  3. hella-d said:
    Get a 660Ti Boost Edition

    There isn't a GTX 660 Ti Boost Edition. Are you referring to the GTX 650 Ti Boost?
  4. Thanks guys, I'm probably going to go with the GTX 660.
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