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Hey guys, just wondering if there is much difference between these sound cards. Is there going to be a major difference between these 3?

Asus Xonar DG PCI Gaming soundcard, 5.1 Channel, Dolby, Up to 105dB, Built-in Headphone AMP,GX2.5 for realistic 3D audio
Creative Sound Blaster 5.1VX PCI Retail box - 5.1 Channel, Win 7, Surround Sound in Movies/ Games/ Music, EAX, CMSS, Low Profile Bracket
Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme PCIe Audio, Retail Package, Win 7, 24-Bit/96kHz 7.1 Playback, >108dB, 24-bit/96kHz recording, X-Fi Crystalizer
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    How are you going to primarily listen to it, headphones or speakers? If headphones definitely the Xonar with the built in Amp. If you are going speakers, on board audio is fine.
  2. I'm mainly going to use headphones. If that's the case than the Xonar is the best - thanks so much for the help!
  3. what do you mean by on board audio? which sound card is that referring to?
  4. Without knowing your specific motherboard, most motherboards have sound "decoding" already built in. That is how you are listening to your sounds right now without the sound card. Probably realtek audio drivers. I was looking to get a soundcard and I did alot of research on it.

    I recently built a computer that i play all my games and movies on that actually is plugged into my plasma and home theater speaker system (ZVOX 580). Mostly you get sound cards to either take advantage of digital outputs for higher bitrates on exceptional speakers or better headphone amplification. You will notice a significant difference with really good headphones with the Xonar. If you were using just ok computer speakers, then a sound card is not worth the money.

    You haven't said what you are primarily using the computer for, but I am assuming games. Xonar is good all around but I have heard it makes a big difference with good headphones. If you just have cheap headphones, don't waste the money on the card. Just get the headphones (you should have atleast 75 dollar ones). Look for good rankings on them.

    Also once you get the card, make sure if you use itunes to buy higher quality mp3s. If spotify you may want to upgrade to premium. GL
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