Need Help! Best PC gaming setup for a $2,000 budget. Need help!

Hi, I have a 3 year old ASUS republic of gamers g60jx laptop. At first it was awesome but for some obvious reasons it's not as awesome as it once was. I've been saving money to build a really good gaming computer; the problem is that I don't have the knowledge to put together all the hardware is needed. Want to be able to run any today's game at ultra-maximum setting with a really good FPS. In general a computer with high performance and great gaming video quality.

Things I'm looking for: (within the budget)
- Best CPU (Pure gaming, no video or audio editing)
- Best GPU
- Best Motherboard
- Best CPU cooler system
- Best Memory RAM
- Best Boot Drive SSD
- Best PSU (power supply)
- Best Optical Drive (doesn't have to be a Blu-Ray)
- Storage Drive (Would like to have at least 1T)
- This case -> Cooler Master HAF X (if you think is good enough)

Don't need:
- Mouse
- Keyboard
- Speakers
- Monitor (using a 46" LED Full HD 120hz 3ms samsung tv)

I would like to be able to overclock, but not sure if it's necessary.

I'm willing to stretch up to around $2,200 if necessary.

Thanks in advance!
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