Work VPN won't let me access external Internet

I have to connector to a work vpn, and when I connect my Firefox defaults to trying to connect to the Internet through the vpn, which I dot want it to do as we have to use ie for our work programs, is there any way to make Firefox connect directly to the Internet while everything else goes through the vpn? Could I use a USB wireless card and connect to my wifi twice and do it that way some how? I'm not an expert in this, I do have a little bit of computer experience, but this is out of my realm
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  1. Before doing that, the one advantage of using vpn is for security since it closed circle......

    what u wanna do may defeat that purpose, it could bring trouble for network admin or yourself....
    u can try consult/ask permission from the admin first but i doubt they will let u do that...
  2. It's that way by design... :-) Corporate VPN's are not supposed to be visible to the public internet. You will also not be able to run two wireless connections at the same time, so if you want to use another connection you will need to disconnect from your corporate network first.
  3. XJ123 said:
    I had a similar issue... What I had to do was tell the connection to not use the remote gateway to connect through internet. On the XP machine (works on Vista and 7 also) go to the properties of the VPN connection. Click on the Networking tab and double click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4). Click Advanced and uncheck the box for "Use default gateway on remote network." This will route all of your local traffic through whatever network you're locally connected to, and any remote traffic through the VPN connection. This also assumes that you're not trying to route your internet traffic through the VPN. If you leave this option set, then you will not be able to access any local network resources without manually specifiying routes to get to them. This is the default design of VPN :D. I know this post is old, but I figured I'd put in what I discovered it to be, maybe it can help somebody down the road.

    But this only works if the VPN software allows you to change this. This issue is called split tunnel and anyone in a corporate environment knows the security risk and configures the VPN software to prevent it. What tends to happen is if you mess with any of the network settings or issue any ROUTE commands that change the routing the VPN will either disconnect or it will just stop passing traffic over the tunnel.
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