new i5 4570k, 3570k, used 2500k or Fx-8350

At the moment I own a phenom X3 with a fourth unlocked core making it a B95 or 495 equivalent.

CLEARLY it is time for an upgrade and I'm having a bit of trouble deciding what to buy.

I need to buy a power supply, GPU(planning on a GTX 660 or AMD 7850), and a CPU and mobo combo all this summer and I need to buy them in increments (mobo, cpu last things to buy, most likely around june)

My current plan is to find a cheap used 2500k and get an lga 1155 from Canada Computers during the summer

I noticed though that June is the rumored release of Haswell and am considering going with the latest and greatest. I don't really care about upgradablilty of my CPU because I'm not a billionaire (I'm a university student) and wont be able to upgrade for 5+ years.

This will be a 'budget' gaming rig.

(Sorry for the essay. I'm not an art student, I'm an engineer)

EDIT: Oh and also, I've heard about the heating problem with the ivy-bridges regrading the IHS and heat. Should I ignore their existence because of it?

I have a Hyper 212+ currently
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  1. lol i was an EE student and don't do essays....ok that's lie lol but i do hate caps...on topic

    if you can wait for haswell i would....otherwise the 2500k is a decent cpu. you can overclock it nicely and increase its performance. As long as your getting a good deal i see no reason to spend more on the 3750k.
  2. 3570k is 5% faster than 2500k same clocks.

    The real question here is why invest in 2500k if 3570k costs the same (at least in my country)

    3570K is a great OC'er, You don't need to run it on 5 ghz to get 2500K 5GHz performance and that is sweet.

    It just needs good cooler and thermal paste. I lowered my temps by 8 degrees using Noctua thermal paste instead of the Intel glue which came in box.
  3. All depends on price. If you can get a 2500k and overclocking capable mobo for a good price, then go for it - clocked at 4.2Ghz+ will be good for a few years. I have one and its a brilliant CPU.

    However, if the deal isnt that good, then wait for haswell.
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