which video card is better for photoshop and 3d

My system was built in Nov 2012. The system is Lenovo. Processor: AMD Athlon II x 2 260 processor 3.20 GHz 8 GB RAM (7.75 usable) System: 64 bit OS and Running Windows 7 Pro. The graphics card is intergrated. Hard drive 3TB. The system dumps the RAM and protects itself from crashing while I am running and working in either PhotoShop CS5, Illustrator CS5, Corel Painter12. Bryce 7.1 will not run on this computer. It freezes. My computer was made to the specs as recommended by my college professor for these graphic software. The problem started when I added Corel. I was told I need a dedicated video card. Which do you recommend under $150.
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  1. gtx650ti oc hd 7770 ghz (cheaper by ten and faster)

    i prefer nvida cause of physx support and less wonky drivers but both are excellent cards.
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