Can Network cards cause High ping?

When I first got the card the ping was about 50 ms, but recently I'm getting really high ping after about 2 months since I got the card. Is it the card's problem or is there something I can do about this situation?
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  1. You can get high ping due to numerous things, either network card or ISP problems, OS problems or malicious software.
  2. malware could be the root of the issue. try spybot 2 and see if anything shows up

    if nothing shows up or it doesn't help even if something shows up let me know and i will help you further.
  3. Thanks guys, I tried the spybot 2 but it keep showing SweetIM stuff at level 5 threat. I removed the sweetIM and tried pressing the " fix selected" but it keeps showing up. what do I do now?
  4. i caught that one myself...go to control panel...uninstall'll see it its has version for both IE and Firefox so be sure to uninstall both.
  5. I think I deleted all of them, couldn't find any more in control panel
  6. it help?
  7. Not sure, right now according to cmd I have a average of 108ms ping for
  8. It's really unstable, maximum is 181 ms and minimum of 60 ms
  9. you have your old nic? try swapping it out and see if it fixes...or do you have another PC in the house to try?

    one thing might work if youhaven't done this already. unplug your cable/dsl modem. if it has a power key hold it down for 30 seconds while unplugged, if not leave unplugged for 1 minute at least...also do the same to your router. then plug everything back in and see if that fixes it.

    you may also try calling you isp to see if the software in your cable/dsl modem is corrupted and they can reload it remotely.
  10. what are you trying to ping? if you ping your router then you will have very low latency. if you are trying to ping a server on the other side of the globe your latency will be much higher.
  11. You could also do a tracert / traceroute (depending on your OS) to say or wherever, and watch the results to see where the slowdown is. Traceroute measures the time it takes for the packets to go between hops in a network path. That should at least give you a 50/50 idea of where the problem is...
  12. The network card is only 2 months old, I've tried shutting the router down etc, I'm fairly sure I what tried was in my area.

    I did the tracert thing with Google, the connection to my router is low (1~3ms) and then there is 419ms at this "syd-sot" There's 4 other and one of them goes up to 166. There's a 117ms and 289 ms at 2 ip addresses and a 104ms at ""

    this may be playing an issue depending how long this has been occurring...i had noticed a slow on my connection myself so i was unsurprised to see this article
  14. Thanks, btw it wasn't the malware, I removed them all and it didn't get better
  15. sorry that didn't fix it but on the bright side you got rid of some malware it sounds like. i'll keep thinking on it. let me know if it clears up.
  16. thanks I really appreciated your help :)
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