What graphics card to upgrade to form a 7770

I have a MSI Raddeon 7770 (can be OC) i was wondering wehat would be the next best graphics card to get
pricing roughly >=£200
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  1. a 7870 ghz edition would be in that price range....that two cards up from where you are.
  2. thanks for that :P
  3. anytime...happy to help for some solution love!
  4. @bubble: with these pages you can find out yourself instead of asking. All the information is there summarized for you already. You just need to combine the two.

    This page tells about all VGA card, and how powerful they are. Your new card should be at least 3 tiers higher to notice a speed difference:

    This pages shows which cards in what price range:

    Combine the two and you know what to buy or what not to buy. Have fun with your future card =)
  5. Personally I'd wait for the ps4 to come out then upgrade to something that'll be equal in actual performance. If you wait prices will also drop which benefits you since the 7770 is good enough as of now. The HD 7870 LE should be just as capable as the ps4 since its theoretically faster. If your impatient then you can buy a better card now but waiting 7 months really isn't that bad.You'll probably regret buying something early if it doesn't match console performance.
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