Problem with graphic card.Blank screen after installation!

i had installed my card ATI HD RADEON day when i turned on the comp..aftr the windows logo there's just a blank screen, though i can hear the windows start up...i formatted my comp..then reinstalled the graphic card using drivers from ati website...again blank screen...only when i roll back to standard vga adpaters in safe mode does the image come up! 7 32 bit
what do i do?..i am new to this and i need answers as detailed as possible!!!
thank you!
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  1. How long did you had your radeon working before this happened to you?

    When video card can't accept drivers it often means that card is dying, esspecially if you have done everything you can about software.

    Have you noticed any strange lines accross screen or some kind of artifacts recently?
  2. @Feldmarschall
    a year and a half i guess..not quite sure..but definetly not a long time!...
    nope nothing strange just went blank!...
    does it have anything to do with digital signature requitrement?
  3. It could, but drivers for your radeon are digitally signed. Don't know why they would not be. Try to install some older legacy drivers, and update your windows 7 to SP1 if you have not already.
  4. update failed!!...i tried it with the anti virus turned off...update failed again!
  5. Update failed? SP1 update failed? Which version of windows are you using? Which build? Do you have retail, oem or perhaps RC version?

    Have you checked that SP1 is not already installed?
  6. yep...i checked..its nt 7 32 bit......i dint quite understand the last part!
  7. How did you get your windows? With your PC, or it came on separate DVD, are windows legit?. When you check your MY COMPUTER properties and look at the info of your PC what does it says? OS version part.. It should say something like Windows home 7 build... or Windows 7 pro... or... check that entire line.
  8. had vista along with the pc when i first got it...then changed it to windows 7 when it came out....nt legit i suppose!!
    i am trying to download service pack from the windows download center!!...or am i just wasting my time doing dt?..v horribly slow download speed...500mb and it says 5 hours!!
    under windows edition its just given windows 7 ultimate!..
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