AMD or INTEL.....????

i'm confused between the amd fx 8350 and the intel i5 3550..????
i'm a gamer n only concerd with gaming my other components are sapphire radeon hd 7850 2gb ddr5
8gb ddr3 ram
segate 2tb hdd
please also recommnd motherboards for the cpus respectively...what mobo i hav chosen is asus p88
with psu of 500watt
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  1. general rule right now, intel is better for gaming...i will link some mobos and cpus as you asked both intel and amd...are you interested in overclocking?
  2. If all you are worried about is gaming. Then all you need to be concerned about is the cpu does not bottleneck the gpu. Either cpu will do. Pick your favorite. If you are specifically gaming. You could even consider a much cheaper FX-6300 if you want to save some money.
  3. a fx-6300 would save you about 60 dollars, you could take that extra money and maybe get like a 7870.

    fx-6300+7870 > i5-3550+7850
  4. i'm not intrested in overclocking ......!!!!!
    but what do u mean by botelnecking the gpu....???
    n for gaming i5(3550) or amd (fx 8350) wil provide me better quality and fps??
    both running with hd 7850 2gb?
  5. for intel 15 3550 what gpu should i get so that it dosent bottelneck, similarly suggest also for amd fx 8350??
    dose motherbords would affect it??
    if yes which mobo wil be good for intel and which for amd?
  6. none of the mentioned CPU's should bottle neck you...amd might in certain situations but i doubt it would be noticable (if at all)...but with the low prices for easter sales i would go intel.
  7. neither should bottle neck any gpu you choose unless you ran multi gpu which you said you don't plan to.
  8. so m planning to get intel i5 3550 hd 7850 2gb 8gb ram asus p8b75 mobo n corsair 500 watt ps.....??
    how will dat run?
    can i play games lyk battlefield 3 crysis 3 at medium or high settings???
  9. Best answer
    that will run beautifully.
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