Intel 17 920 3.8 ghz temp

I recently Overclocked my i7 920 to 3.8 ghz I ran Prime95 for around 10 hours with no problems. When running prime the core temps run about 67-70. I do have Hydro H50 cooling on it. I set the voltage at 1.22 but it stays at 1.2. I was just wondering if the temps should be that high?
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  1. Those temps within the tolerance for that processor (68C max+7C under heavy operation - per a chat I had with Intel support). Those are incredible temps for that kind of overclock. I am seriously surprised you got that kid of performance out of an H50. I tried OC'ing an i7-960 to 4.0 and got higher temps (74C) with the H50.

    I wouldn't recommend it as a 24/7 temp, since you are in that +7 range. You could try it at 3.7 then check again and keep reducing the multiplier until you can get down to 68C or less for 24/7 operation.
  2. Thanks for the reply when Idle the temps stay around 45.
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    Prominia said:
    Thanks for the reply when Idle the temps stay around 45.

    45C is about 8-10C higher than normal. This is to be expected with the OC.
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